What does the Netherlands think of the current mortgage loan interest rate?

The survey shows that four in ten Dutch people with a mortgage loan find their own mortgage loan rates low or very low. Three-quarters of that group do not pay 3 percent mortgage loan interest. In addition, one third of the requested interest rates are (very) high. 83 percent of this group pay at least […]

What makes for maximum mortgage loan reduction?

Before you can borrow money for a mortgage loan from a lender, the lenders first check whether you are listed at Bureau Krediet Registraties (BKR) or have payment obligations elsewhere. There are various mortgage loan-reducing obligations. It is important that you know it. Since January 2017 much has changed with regard to BKR registrations. Such […]

Loan facilities for companies: the benefits of the Guarantee Fund

  loan facilities for companies: the advantages of the Guarantee Fund The search for loan , for a company , is usually always accompanied by the search for the right facilities , the national or regional tender, which allows access to loan at better conditions. However, not everyone is aware of the most important facility […]

End mortgage loans? You absolutely must first know this

On this page you can get comprehensive information about the annuity mortgage loan. Important information about this form of mortgage loan can not be missed. With this mortgage loan loan you pay a fixed monthly amount. That sum consists of a part repayment and a part interest. We also call these two amounts the ‘annuity’. […]

Interest-only mortgage loan: think ahead!

Around 1 million homeowners have a mortgage loan interest-only mortgage loan. A person with an interest-only mortgage loan will not pay off his debt gradually, but after 30 years suddenly. The repayment of the mortgage loan at the end of the term can be done with your own money or with the proceeds of the […]

Check mortgage loans on divorce

Are you in the middle of a divorce? Check whether one of you can continue to pay the mortgage loan costs and make clear agreements. That is the answer of Minister Hoekstra of Finance, in response to parliamentary questions regarding joint and several liability after divorce. Recently the consumer program Radar broadcasted the topic ‘Dismissal […]

5 Tips To Save On His Real Estate Loan

  The goal of our site is, you will understand, to help you understand and succeed your mortgage. For this, we offer a guide to the best advice for your home loan. We see today the 5 key points to save on his mortgage . SUMMARY 1 Real estate rate: the nerve of war 2 […]

Credit immediately on the account

Credit with instant transfer The days when pledging a loan application often took weeks are now a thing of the past. Direct banks and the Internet have made it possible for loan seekers to get a promise or a rejection within minutes. The way to a bank consultant and long discussions are almost no longer […]

Credit with cash payment

Cash payment may be a bit misleading, although there are, or at least were. Cash in cash on hand. Today it usually means access to cash. Each disposition or current account credit is thus a loan with cash payment, since money can be corrected at any time in cash. All freely available non-earmarked loans are […]

Calculate your borrowing capacity

Becoming an owner is the dream of many French people. Owning your house or apartment brings a certain serenity and it is sometimes the project of a lifetime. For others, this represents an investment to, once paid off, use rents as a supplement to salary and later to supplement retirement. Before drawing plans on the […]