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Credit without salary

This form of credit is colloquially referred to as credit without income. It basically means getting an individual, fair and secure loan without having to provide income proof. This offer now offer many different banks. There or online you also get accurate information about the progress of such a loan. Of course, this is completely free and without obligation. The creation of such a loan offer usually takes no longer than 24 hours and is guaranteed risk-free.


* The benefits of a loan without salary:

  • How can the loan work without salary
  • What to look for in a loan without salary statement
  • What you need to know before applying
  • The conditions
  • How the application is carried out
  • What to pay attention to
  • The duration of the procedure
  • Early repayment
  • Conclusion

 The benefits of a loan without salary:

Probably the biggest advantage of a loan without salary is that you get the loan even if you have no regular income. Even if you do not pursue regular employment, there are situations in which you urgently need money. This kind of credit creates a financial freedom in every life situation .

With this variant, each person can improve his economic situation and does not even have to provide a proof of income. Through many years of positive experience with this form of credit, there are enough banks and institutions that provide such a loan.

Just as with all other types of credit, only so much money is lent to this loan that it does not endanger the personal financial situation. The loan without salary verification is also very flexible and is adjusted according to the borrower individually to personal needs . Decisive factors are always the economic and personal circumstances of the individual.

In the end, then each applicant has exactly the loan that fits perfectly with him . At the beginning you should not despair if you are looking for a financing without a regular income.

How can the loan work without salary

Many banks and institutions will initially refuse one. But they do exist, the companies give the loans without salary, you just have to find them. Not for every loan you have to stand for a grant of the application in a permanent employment with regular income. After all, even people without a regular job often have financial problems and know no other way out than to take out a loan.

There are credit providers who even in the most hopeless situation still find the right financing for each person. It is only necessary to make sure that the repayment plan does not endanger your finances.

But reputable credit providers are only able to guarantee a rate that guarantees that they will not go further into the debt trap. Even with this loan option, you are perfectly able to profit from the positive aspects of a loan. Of course, every lender must be able to hedge somehow, before granting the loan without salary.

As collateral, for example, possible real estate (house or condominium) is used in most cases. Anyone who can hedge, guarantees a repayment of the amount . So you notice immediately, however frivolous it may sound in the beginning, the credit without salary is a safe way of procuring gel for all persons in every imaginable life situation. There are ways and means to get loans with favorable terms, even without regular income.

What to look for in a loan without salary statement

What to look for in a loan without salary statement

Just as with all other types of loans, the financial institution to be lent to ensures that only enough money is lent that it does not affect the financial situation of the applicant even further . But lending, in most cases, is very flexible.

Good to know:
Here, too, the economic and personal circumstances of those who apply for such a loan are taken into account. Meanwhile, it is readily possible for various private financial companies to apply for and receive such a loan without salary.

What you need to know before applying

What you need to know before applying

  • A loan without salary can neither at a bank nor at a savings bank
    be requested
  • Also mediators of so – called Schufa – free loans, ask as well for one
  • Loans without a salary statement are therefore received and processed by purely private financial companies

The conditions

These types of loans, also known as mini-loans, are subject to certain conditions .

  • the applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • he must be able to prove his domicile in Germany
  • Applicant must have a mobile phone number issued in the respective country
  • The applicant must have a checking account issued in his name

In principle, anyone who fulfills these requirements can then apply for credit on such a loan, with the chances of obtaining it even if there is a negative Schufa entry .

How the application is carried out

This type of loan is usually made via the Internet medium, that is online. Here one selects the desired loan amount, selects the term, whereby automatically the repayment rate is calculated , plus the accruing interest. The input of personal data is of course also a necessity here. In addition, the requestor is required to scan a valid identity card or passport and upload it.

Just like with other credit procedures, you also need a guarantor here. If there is nobody who can provide the guarantee for the loan to be requested, there is also the possibility to apply for a loan default guarantee.

What to pay attention to

What to pay attention to

The signing of a loan default guarantee does not mean that in the given case, the loan is secured, but only that this guarantee is provided by a company. In the case of the case where one is no longer able to afford the monthly repayment rates , the guarantee company enters .

It is important to note that this can lead to significantly higher costs in the context of the loan application and repayment.

The duration of the procedure

Normally, the processing takes up to the potential positive completion between 24 – 48 hours. Whereby there is also the possibility to make a so-called express request . This may possibly be instructed on the same day or at the latest the next day. However, the cost of such an express request must also be borne by the applicant.

Early repayment

Early repayment

Again this is possible with this type of credit. However, it should be noted that the entire agreed interest rate comes into play .



Basically, there is the possibility that you get a loan even if you have no income. It is important to know, however, that even with the so-called private credit companies, someone must take over the guarantee or at least that a loan default guarantee is signed.