Credit without spouse

Many potential creditors would like to take out a loan independently of the spouse. This can have many different reasons. Maybe you want to surprise your partner or fulfill your own wish. Today there is a clear offer of loans without a spouse. In this form of credit is then waived the second signature of the spouse.


What is a loan without a spouse?

  • Find a suitable loan
  • The requirements for a loan without a spouse
  • Recognize hidden additional charges
  • If in doubt, submit documents to consumer advocates
  • Acting circumspectly with “zero-percent financing”
  • In the course of a “zero percent financing” warranty right note
  • Observe right of withdrawal for consumer credit

What is a loan without a spouse?

 What is a loan without a spouse?

A loan without a spouse is completely self-contained. You do not need to obtain another signature, but you can apply for a loan. Of course this has some advantages. As a borrower you can have the loan and therefore the money alone . It can be decided for what you want to use the money. The opinion of the spouse has no weight, but can of course be included.

Likewise, no second person will be charged with a loan. Thus, a loan without a spouse is a very good alternative if one of the partners has a negative entry in the SCHUFA. This could lead to a credit rejection. But with this loan model you can still get a loan, even if the partner is not financially well off. Because of this, housewives or the unemployed will usually not receive such a loan.

Find a suitable loan

The choice of loans without a spouse is limited. In most cases, only one loan will be given to both spouses , as the tax aggregates are more beneficial to the bank. These provide additional security for the bank if the loan obliges both borrowers. As a rule, it is assumed that both partners receive a regular income.

The repayment of the loan should thus be secured. Nevertheless, there are some banks and credit institutions that offer loans without a spouse. This is often because demand in this area is very high . When looking for such a loan, one should by no means lose sight of the internet. Here are the most offers.

The requirements for a loan without a spouse

 The requirements for a loan without a spouse

There are many loan providers on the Internet who provide this type of loan. In most cases, a second borrower is waived . Nevertheless, one must also ensure that one has a sufficiently high income. There should be a permanent position and there must be no negative SCHUFA entries. If this is available, then you will have bad cards.

Good to know:
Even self-employed or freelancers will have a hard time, because the credit check at the banks is quite complicated. In addition , all banks have certain lending policies . You have to stick to them. How these look exactly varies from bank to bank. It is only important that the borrower is of legal age . The numerous offers on the Internet are usually difficult to distinguish. That’s why you should consider a comparison.

Such a comparison can be of great help and ensure that you find the ideal loan. In such a comparison one can specify different parameters. These are included in the comparison and then ensure a suitable result . Often you can apply for the loan without a spouse directly on the Internet. That will only take a few minutes. However, the actual lending process can take a little more time.

Recognize hidden additional charges

Consultants praise potential borrowers in particular a so-called residual debt insurance. This is to protect family members in the case of the death of the borrower from further installment payments .

The fees payable drive the cost of a loan in horrendous amount. However, this monthly surcharge is not priced into the annual percentage rate. Thus, the monthly credit conditions do not seem to change. In fact, however, there is a disproportionate increase in costs.

This can be illustrated by a fictional example:

For a loan of € 10,000 with a 36-month term and an annual interest of 5.16%, a monthly amount of € 30 will be due for the residual debt insurance. If this share is applied to the loan amount, the annual percentage rate is around 12% . As such policies are concluded on a voluntary basis, the Bank is not required to include such costs in the annual percentage rate of charge.

If in doubt, submit documents to consumer advocates

Consumers falsely prescribe this conclusion of the policy as binding . There is no legal basis for this. Consumer advocates therefore caution and advise not to be put under pressure.

Before signing the contract, the loan documents must therefore be submitted to experts in a regional consumer protection agency .

Even a completed insurance can be revoked within 30 days of signing. According to financial experts, the credit remains untouched by this specific revocation. The agreed credit terms are still valid.

Acting circumspectly with “zero-percent financing”

 Acting circumspectly with "zero-percent financing"

Consumers should exercise caution, especially with so-called “zero-percent financing”. Corresponding consumer credit offers are omnipresent. Numerous traders lure customers to buy with supposedly interest-free financing.

Although such financing is primarily settled with the respective dealers, the actual loan settlement takes place via financial institutions that have a partnership with the relevant dealers .

The purchase price for the goods is paid directly to the dealer in the form of the loan amount . In the following, the consumer pays the installments to the bank.

Such financing involves numerous risks. Accordingly, the interest-free financing offers misleading consumption. The danger of overestimating your own financial potential is great.

In addition, the estimated low installments divert the actual purchase price. Thus , consumers easily lose track of monthly obligations and therefore fall into a debt trap.
In addition, as part of these financings, sales targets and possible commissions of the dealer are the focus. Also, the traders have no specialized training that enables them to such credit talks.

In the course of a “zero percent financing” warranty right note

The relevant documents must be checked conscientiously. Incomprehensible contract elements should be persistently questioned .

Man-made psychological pressure from the trader should never be given . Advertised supplementary insurance such as extended warranty should not be exercised. According to consumer advocates, consumers are entitled to a statutory warranty.

Default declarations, which, for example, generate the conclusion of a residual debt insurance, are to be deleted from the contract text .

Even so-called framework credit agreements should be viewed with caution. Never should further loans be used in this context. Unwanted framework loans are to be terminated immediately. The associated credit card should be sent back tied.

Observe right of withdrawal for consumer credit

A corresponding loan can be revoked within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract. However, there are exceptions that need to be considered.

Accordingly, such contracts, which were concluded before 21 March 2016 and do not involve any additional costs, generally have no legal right of withdrawal .

Contracts that were concluded after 21 March 2016 and whose agreed loan amount is at least € 200, on the other hand have a legal right of withdrawal.