Credit without employment contract

A loan without a contract – Possible? Today you need money for many expenses and wishes. Applying for a loan is not difficult at all. If you have a permanent employment contract, a good income and no negative entries in Schufa, you will receive the loan fairly quickly. But it looks very different, should not […]

Mini loan immediately on the account!

Small loans have been experiencing a veritable boom in the financial sector for quite some time, which is why financial services providers are increasingly designing more specific and sophisticated offerings for specific audiences. One of these is the so-called mini loan, where borrowers can borrow only small amounts in the two- or three-digit range for […]

Credit increase – increase the credit

The top-up loan: The term “top-up loan” refers to the increase of the already running loan, ie a loan by a certain amount. For almost any current loan, it is now possible to have it added at a later date to increase (increase) a certain amount. Most providers inform the borrowers about the so-called top-up […]

Replace loans

Every third German citizen now finances part of their lives with a loan, which includes cars, houses, luxury items, etc. What is a loan? A loan is someone else’s money that a bank provides to a customer for interest over a specified period of time. The conditions vary greatly and depend on the trustworthiness of […]

Loan with guarantor

  Especially in times like these, where a euro is only worth 50 eurocents, often the way to the house bank can not be avoided. Be it to create your own home, renovate your own Zusahuse or just to fulfill a dream. But in what amount a bank grants a loan and under what conditions, […]

Credit with 2 borrowers

The details of a loan with two borrowers In everyday life, there are often situations in which you have to provide financial benefits. Often these are completely unplanned and therefore you have not saved money. These services can be a new car, the repair of the washing machine or a short getaway. Of course, these […]

Credit without cost

Get a loan without a cost Money is needed today for all sorts of things. A new car, a chic house or just a summer vacation. You rarely have enough money on the high ridge or can save yourself quickly together. That’s why loans are still so popular today. You just have to apply for […]

Credit with final installment

A multitude of wishes, which the consumer would like to meet, often stand in the way of the limited financial possibilities of the individual. For most people, larger purchases, be it a new car, new furniture or the purchase of a home or a home, with their own funds not immediately financed. But saving years […]

Credit without spouse

Many potential creditors would like to take out a loan independently of the spouse. This can have many different reasons. Maybe you want to surprise your partner or fulfill your own wish. Today there is a clear offer of loans without a spouse. In this form of credit is then waived the second signature of […]

Car purchase financing: dealership or finance?

Except for the possibility of having a bit of capital aside, it is unlikely that those who buy a vehicle do so with their own means, often and (often) willingly to use a loan from the same dealer or at their bank. / financial trust . But which is the most convenient choice ? Better […]