What does the Netherlands think of the current mortgage loan interest rate?

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The survey shows that four in ten Dutch people with a mortgage loan find their own mortgage loan rates low or very low. Three-quarters of that group do not pay 3 percent mortgage loan interest. In addition, one third of the requested interest rates are (very) high. 83 percent of this group pay at least 4 percent interest.

Transfer mortgage loan

Of the people who have taken out a mortgage loan four years or more ago, and now find their interest high or very high, 46 percent have decided not to close the mortgage loan and 15 percent plan to do so. In addition, 16 percent has not yet taken a decision and has not yet considered the rest. Among the group of respondents, who find their own mortgage loan rates (very) low, a third party has already locked up the mortgage loan.


As a mortgage loan owner, do you now have money left if you do not transfer your mortgage loan? That is not necessarily the case, according to Anton Bosch, director of mortgage loans at ABN Amro. “Let us be especially careful here. A mortgage loan is not just the interest you pay. ‘ At the moment the mortgage loan interest rate is low: on average it is around 2.3 percent. ‘But,’ says Bosch, ‘also look at the possible drawbacks of a new loan, such as other conditions and additional costs.’

Do you want to know the benefits of having your mortgage loan transferred to you? We would like to bring you in contact with an independent mortgage loan advisor in your area who can tell you all about this.

Why change?

For almost half (45 percent) of people who have taken out a mortgage loan in the last two years, lower monthly expenses were the main reason for doing so. Almost a quarter wanted to profit mainly from a lower mortgage loan rate. Four in five people of this group have taken out a mortgage loan with another provider. A quarter are afraid that switching will yield little or nothing. Furthermore, 22 percent said they would not want to close because of the penalty interest they had to pay in the event of an early repayment of the mortgage loan. In the latter case it can still be beneficial to switch over if the lower monthly costs of a new mortgage loan can compensate the costs for the transfer.

How long the current interest rate remains low is the question. At a certain moment the interest rate will rise again. When exactly, no one can say. An independent mortgage loan adviser in your area can tell you more about this.