What makes for maximum mortgage loan reduction?


Before you can borrow money for a mortgage loan from a lender, the lenders first check whether you are listed at Bureau Krediet Registraties (BKR) or have payment obligations elsewhere. There are various mortgage loan-reducing obligations. It is important that you know it.

Since January 2017 much has changed with regard to BKR registrations. Such registration occurs when a loan is taken out. Where for 2017 only loans were recorded from 500 euros to 175,000 euros, with a term longer than three months, that has been changed to loans from 250 euros, with a term longer than a month. For example, a subscription with a mobile phone, worth 250 euros or more, is registered with BKR within the subscription. This results in a lower mortgage loan, which can therefore sometimes be thousands of euros lower.

Private lease

What many people do not know is that private leasing, as opposed to leasing through work, is also registered with BKR. 65 percent of the lease amount is regarded as a loan. Lenders take 2 percent of this amount into account as a financial liability, which lowers your mortgage loan.

More factors

It is important to be aware of what can affect your maximum mortgage loan negatively. More factors are:

  • Red are on your payment account. Even the possibility of standing red already has influence. After all, you can use the option.
  • Credit card paid back in installments. This is seen as a loan.
  • Study debt. This is not registered with BKR, but can affect your maximum mortgage loan.
  • Loans and credits from third parties.
  • Continuous lease. This is leasehold, for which you have to pay. Everlasting leasehold has already been bought off.
  • Partner alimony. This money is deducted from your income, making your maximum mortgage loan lower.